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Software Consultancy

Business analysis and requirement gathering
Customized Software Solutions and Application Development
Software Integration and Data Management
Developer Services
Salesforce Consultancy
QA Testing Services

Cloud Consultancy

We provide seamless cloud migration and optimization through tailored recommendations, selected cloud options, and ongoing support via our Cloud Consultancy Service.

Salesforce Consultancy

Our Salesforce consultancy services provide expert guidance and support to help businesses optimize their Salesforce platform for maximum efficiency and growth.

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Machine learning and data analytics
Image processing and natural language processing projects
Automated decision-making systems and forecasting models

Data Analysis

Strategy development
Strategic consultancy
Improving efficiency
BI Analyst

Cybersecurity Consultancy

We provide cybersecurity consultations, risk assessments, audits, personalized security plans, and ongoing support to stay up-to-date on the latest security practices.

Our Projects

Ai ProjectS

Healthcare projects

Architectural forecasting project

Literature NLP Project

AI Project Sample

Web Developer Projects

Car Rental Project

Library Project

Health Project

Web Development Project Sample

Data Analysis Projects

Data visualization

Recommendation Projects

E-Commerce forecasting

Data Analysis Project Sample

Our analyses

We provide analytical solutions for businesses, including market, income, and customer analysis. Our experienced analysts offer insights and recommendations to drive growth and increase revenue.

Product analysis

  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Product Demand Forecasting (ARIMA, SARIMA)
  • Product Segmentation Analysis
  • Product Pricing Analysis
  • Product Competition Analysis
  • Product Recommendation Systems (Recommender Sys)

income analysis

  • Income Sources Analysis
  • Income Trend Analysis
  • Income Segmentation Analysis
  • Income Forecasting Models (ARIMA, ML)
  • Price-Flexibility Analysis
  • Analysing Customer Spending
  • Cross-selling and Upselling Analysis
  • Income Efficiency Analysis
  • Income Risk Analysis

Customer analysis

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Lifecycle Analysis
  • A/B Test Analysis
  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Customer Loyalty Analysis
  • Customer Recovery Analysis

At SoftCounts, our goal is to be by the side of businesses on their digital transformation journey and elevate their success to the highest level.


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